Managers and staff

Flamingo consists of skilled and educated forces and benefiting from scientific procedures and principles of trade and tourism with the customer believing the day long steps in this arena, will rewarding. Our strategy based on innovation and new travel along values and change traditional ways of maintaining and using technology and new strategies and principles of modern industry is tourism.

Managing office travel agency Flamingo Flamingo Tours Business Community


Roqieh Hatami Poor Farshi



Business Management




CEO Investment and Flamingo Travel Agency
Shareholder and advisor General Tourism Investment Company of Iran (Smga)
Iran-Australia Friendship Association Chairman
Association board member travel and tourism offices of Tehran Province
Founding member organization of women entrepreneurs in business, industry and tourism
Chairman Cooperative Iranian women entrepreneurs Land
Member Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines
Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce member and president of the Italian Chamber of Tourism Commission
Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce member and president of the French Supreme Commission of Tourism and consulting rooms
Member of Joint Iran-Australia Chamber of Commerce
Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce member Vchyn
Joint Chamber of Commerce members Iran and Russia